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Durham, NC Outdoor Lighting

Whenever you’re shopping your options for an outdoor lighting expert, what are some of the questions you should be asking? If you do not know, you’re in luck, we have prepared a full list of what to ask your Durham, NC outdoor lighting designer:

1. Do you specialize in outdoor lighting? There are many contractors out there who do outdoor lighting on the side. They might be able to light your home, but if they do not specialize in outdoor lighting, they won’t be able to create the look a specialist can.

2. What type of outdoor lighting do you install? Outdoor lighting types include line voltage, low voltage, LED, and solar. Each of these has pros and cons, and their differing characteristics will impact look, energy consumption, component durability, and even the type of transformer that needs to be installed. Be sure they know the differences and can explain them clearly.

3. How do you design your outdoor lighting systems? Designers who truly care for their craft will focus on the overall effect the outdoor lighting has on your property. If designers are overly focused on a specific number of fixtures or if you feel they are simply trying to sell you something, they probably are. Look for a designer that explains how he/she will achieve an effect.

4. What kind of fixtures do you use? Outdoor lighting experiences wear and tear from being exposed to the elements of our environment. Be sure that the fixtures used are tested and made from durable materials, like copper, brass, and PVC.

5. Who does your installation? Some outdoor lighting designers subcontract installation. It is best to choose a provider who also does the installation. This helps ensure that the provider is familiar with the ins and outs of outdoor lighting. Such knowledge will profoundly impact the look and safety of you system.

6. What controls do you offer? It is rather doubtful you want to manually turn your system on and off each evening and morning. Controls help you manage your outdoor lighting system, can help conserve energy, and ensure that you get the full benefits of your system.

7. What maintenance plans do you offer? Just like your home or car, the beauty and functionality of your outdoor lighting will fade with time if it is not maintained. By choosing a professional who also offers maintenance, your system will provide you with years of enjoyment without the hassle of needing to bring in another professional or trying to maintain it yourself.

8. What warranty options do you offer? Designers who are confident in their work and products offer warranties. Limited warranties or the absence of them are warning signs, and the result of choosing such a provider could be very costly, even if initial costs are less.

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