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Nature Brings Us Trees and Raleigh Outdoor Lighting Enhances Them

While it may seem we are in a winter rut, remember, there are only 19 days until spring! If we have a warm spell prior to the actual first day of spring, you can expect the trees and flowers to be blooming rapidly. The colors are beautiful in the day but unfortunately get lost in the dark. While the temperatures are still mild and the evenings outdoors are enjoyable, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to continue viewing those vivid colors? You can see those wondrous natural creations after dark with the right Raleigh outdoor lighting.

tree lighting Raleigh NC

In Raleigh, we are blessed with such a flush arboreal landscape. It’s hard to find a yard that doesn’t have at least one beautiful tree worth showing off. Once you have identified your favorite trees or stands of trees that you would like to light, give a call to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh. We specialize in innovative lighting designs that bring out the best in your trees, landscaping and home.

tree uplighting Raleigh NC

The techniques and outdoor lighting fixtures that we use will depend on the kinds, size and locations of the trees you want to light. Often we use multiple fixtures to ensure that the tree will look great from a variety of angles. We’ll use different light beams to make each detail of the trees come to life. Our customers tell us that they love to sit outside in the evening and just watch the branches sway in the breeze.

Uplighting is terrific for highlighting the tree from the ground, all the way up the trunk. We use multiple fixtures that direct your eyes up and into the tree canopy. From there we often are able to achieve a wonderful spreading effect of the light bouncing off the leaves and back down into the yard below.

We can also use the more challenging technique of downlighting, or “moonlighting” which casts light down through the leaves and branches of the tree. People love the way professional moonlighting looks because it mimics shadows they see provided by the moon.

You can also incorporate string lighting, different color lenses or specialty lights into your Raleigh tree lighting. These are especially popular for holidays, parties or special events. Are you lucky enough to have one of the homes in the heart of the city that has one or more legacy oak trees? We’d love to come by for a free consultation to show you how gorgeous they can look under the night sky. We aren’t known as the “City of Oaks” for nothing.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh for a free consultation where we can show you how we can reshape the night at your home, (919) 854-5566.

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