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Have you wondered what your home would look like with outdoor lighting? We can show you before it's even installed.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh, we know the significance of investing in an outdoor lighting system. We fully understand how important the design process is to the system’s layout and overall appearance. Through our nighttime demonstration, you will be able to see and fully envision how you want your home’s outdoor lighting to look.

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Through our nighttime demonstration, we get to show you exactly what your outdoor lighting will look like before it is installed. This helps to clear up any misconceptions about outdoor lighting you may have had. Not only will you get to see your home in lights, but we will also be able to maneuver fixtures around for the optimal results in meeting your specific design you desire.

Performing a nighttime demonstration is a brief production that is aimed at showing you the effect our outdoor lighting has. It is a process that may take a little of your time, but one that we find is extremely educational for our customers. Through these demonstrations, we want you to understand the process and have full knowledge of all aspects of outdoor lighting design and installation.

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Here’s how we conduct our nighttime demonstration: We come to your home about thirty minutes before dark with battery operated Outdoor Lighting Perspectives light fixtures. We listen to your lighting goals both functional and aesthetic. Then we will place actual fixtures in your yard, flip a switch and look at the results. It is from here where you get to have us move and maneuver fixtures around to where you want them. You get to start the initial design right then and there. You get to be a part of the design process and it couldn’t be easier to make a well-educated decision about adding outdoor lighting to your home.

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Nighttime demonstrations are an incredibly easy way to see what your home could look like with custom outdoor lighting installed, and the demonstration is completely free! For your free nighttime demonstration, visit our website, email us at [email protected], or feel free to give us a call at (919) 854-5566.

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